May 12

Stats Helper Version 1.2 Released


I’m currently prepping a consulting project to instruct a Green Belt level course to an group that doesn’t have the budget for expensive statistical software. While Stats Helper can do most simple analysis, it was lacking a few things: namely making control charts and calculating confidence intervals for standard deviation.


So, I spent a bit of time and added features to do Individuals Charts, Xbar Charts, and P Charts. Here’s a screenshot:

I also incorporated the ability to calculate confidence intervals for standard deviations, located in the “Understand a Distribution” worksheet. Below is a screenshot:


Making the graphs update dynamically was a bit tricky. Fortunately there were a few great websites that helped:


Please check out the download page to get your copy.

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  1. Carlos says:

    Thank you very very much Jed. I will check it out. Because it is true – spc software for Excel is very expensive. So far I managed to do the graphs; however, it is time consuming. I will try yours.


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